Kalsarp Yantra


It brings much struggle in the life of the native and make his walk more difficult and with much obstacles in his life towards every direction as it will bring problems in all the aspects of life. It will appear in causing delay in every pursuit and will not let anything bring deserving results.
Adopting and worshipping Kaalsarp Yantra could vanish all these negative reflections from one’s life besides which pleasing Kaalsarp Yantra would bring him or her divine blessings. One should pay all the requisite rituals and worship to this Yantra on Naag Panchami and establish it in house.
Plated with gold
The Kaal sarp Yantra is the Yantra for Kaalsarp Yoga to vanish its bad effects from one’s life path as the presence of Kaalsarp Yoga in the horoscope chart could bring many hurdles in each direction as it won’t let the hard work and sincerity give proper results and will also reduce the good effects of well placed planets.
Mantra for Kaal Sarp Yantra : “Om Hoom Joom Saha, Om Bhuvah Swaha, Om Triyambhakam Yajamahey, Sungandhim Pushti Vardanam, Uruvaru Kamiva Bandhanan, Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat, Swaha Bhu Om Saha Joom Hoom Om “



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