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Neelam Ring is one of the most famous and magical gemstones for some of the horoscopes. Buy original Neelam Ring from Astrohub Mart at the best price . It helps in rid off from all the problems like unemployment, bankruptcy, evil eye, etc. We provide only those blue Sapphire to online customers which perfectly passed the originality test from the laboratory. Buy original Neelam ring and see the magical change in your life.

Among the NAVRATNAS (nine gemstones), Neelam is the most effective and powerful one gemstone. One who wears Neelam gets benefited in earning money & his problems get solutions quickly, and the results would be astonishing. As per Vedic Astrology, Neelam ( BLUE SAPPHIRE )  is mainly to control the effect of Lord Shani. So, it is better to consult before wearing it.

  •  It is regarded as the fastest working gemstone, whose results can be felt quickly. within a month, it starts giving its benefits like gains, good fortune, new opportunities, promotion in jobs, etc.
  •  If the Blue Sapphire is authentic, it will cure all your problems. It grants positive energy to the person who is wearing it and abolish the negativity.
  •  It can protect one from the evil eye and other negative energies.
  •  It improves digestion, makes you active also enhance attention.
  • it is excellent for calming the senses and provides peace and silence.
  • Blue Sapphire directly influences on the money. It can make multi doorways for money flow in the house.
  • Blue Sapphire can give you the name, fame, and prosperity.
  • It helps in making all your dream and aim come true.
  • It protects from hexing. 


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