Shaligram Stone


  • God vishnu is easily pleased if someone offer tulasi leaves to saligram in worship of Salagram sila.Salagram is kept near by of tulasi plant. Every Year tulasi salagram marriage(vivah) ceremony is also celibrated in month of Kartik(hinu month).
  • Salagram sila is also known as Muktinath Salagram.Lord Vishnu (Muktinath ) provide freedom from trouble to every Jiva.For orginal shila you Rub your gold silver ring on it if the mark or scratch is there that means shila is original.
  • Shaligram stone pur and puja articles shivling
  • The worshipper of shaligram stone is able to take wise decisions in business or family and experience immense peace and prosperity in his life
  • We provide natural shaligram stoines from kali gandali river


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