Sign And Symbols

  • Zodiac symbol        –    Bull
  • Constellation          –    Taurus
  • Zodiac element      –    Earth
  • Zodiac quality        –    Fixed
  • Sign ruler                –    Venus, Earth
  • Detriment               –    Mars (ancient), Pluto (modern)
  • Exaltation               –    Moon
  • Fall                           –    Uranus

Saturn will reside in the eight house of your sign. You need to be very careful about your health. At your workplace, desired results will be received for sure. The lunar eclipse falling on July 16 will be extremely favourable. The solar eclipse, however, will not yield good results. There will be tensions you need to address. The ruling planet of sign taurus is Venus. Planet Venus will transit into your 11th house on April 16 and continue to reside there till May 10. This will bring happiness; and things of comfort and luxury to your life. Also, the period will heighten the intensity of romance and probabilities of love relations in your life. From July 9 to September 19, Venus will be set adversely affecting your health.

According to Taurus Horoscope 2019, your health condition may remain a little weak and hence there is a need to be extra cautious about your health in this year. Pay special attention to your eating habits. Consume healthy food. You may suffer from a chronic disease in this year. During the early phase of this year, you may have to face difficulties related to your career. There will be ups and downs in career and you’ll have to work hard in order to get good results.

You will be more serious about your career throughout this year and you will also work hard to create a unique niche in your career. Economic life will be better than the usual. Your financial situation will improve but your expenses are also likely to increase. If you do not control unnecessary expenses then your existing financial situation may be disturbed.

By the way, your earnings are likely to increase during this year. New sources of income will be created. From mid-April to mid-May, your financial status will remain strong and the situation will remain the same throughout June as well.

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