Titanium Bio Magnetic Bracelet


Bio Stone ION Anion Benefits Enhancement or Normalization of human immunity function Anti-neoplastic function Prevention and treatment of diseases
Metal type: Pure TITANIUM TA2 Our Pure Titanium is 100% hypo-allergenic and will not produce skin irritation or discolouration. 5in1 Element: Germanium, Anion, Fir, JADE and strong 3000 gauss Magnet all 100% Genuine!! Bracelet Length 22cm , Width 13mm
Recommended : “prevention is better than cure”. Suitable for everyone. Recommended for every health conscious man/women/child
ealthy fashion : combine style with your health fitness, this aarogyam bio-magnetic health bracelet is introduced for your health wellness in todays hazardous living style of every common men, for all age groups. It will work as a shield for your health in a natural way in best possible manner that a bracelet could do
Skin friendly : best in industry allergy safe ipg plating/wear this bracelet 24 x 7/no need to remove while bath



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